Thomas Blake

Statement of Teaching Philosophy


Dr. Thomas W. Blake


First and foremost, I do everything I can to transmit to students my passion for ideas. Aware of the social, economic, and political impact a strong educational system can have on a culture, I am committed to urging students to think as critically and independently as they can.  Realizing that students have varying interests and different strengths, I endeavor to reach the needs of the entire classroom.  To this end, I employ group-work, Socratic dialogue, lecture, Power-point presentations, and, whenever possible, I meet individually with every student.  Since a classroom should be a forum of open communication, I encourage my students to express themselves clearly, and my high priority concern is that they feel comfortable articulating their beliefs freely.  In this environment, I learn at least as much from my students as they learn from the course.

For more information on my work in the Fellows Program, please see my paper on Group Teaching Introduction to Literature.