Theresa Westbay


 Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy of teaching stems from my own love of learning.  I strive to create classroom and laboratory environments that ignite the curiosity of my students, foster their enthusiasm for the subjects we study, and cultivate critical thinking and learning skills.  I try to actively engage all students in the learning process and empower them to assume responsibility for their education.  I want my students to both master course content and to have the confidence and skills necessary to learn independently and create new knowledge.  I employ class and small group discussions, collaborative learning techniques, inquiry, problem-based activities, and lectures.  I am always on the lookout for new strategies and methods to increase my teaching effectiveness and improve the learning of my students.  For additional information about my work in the Fellows Program, please see my report,  Promoting Metacognition to Improve Studying and Learning Skills, and Mastery of Microbiology.