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This page is a gateway to private forums for high school and college students working on a cross-sector collaborative project in Fall 2012.

Students:   To protect your privacy, you must log in before selecting your class forum from the list below.  If you click on your class before logging in, the forum page will not be found!  Consult with your teacher for instructions on how to log in.

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About this project:

  • Faculty Fellows who teach English at three area high schools and Monroe Community College have created a cross-sector problem-based learning project where students work together on a common problem using critical reading and writing skills.  Fellows are doing action research on this project throughout the semester; their documentation of the project will be available online early in 2013.
  • Throughout the semester students will dialogue using this private online forum as they do research and write about their findings.
  • A face-to-face community forum will bring all students together in November to share their results.
  • Student work resulting from this project may be published and posted on the website at the conclusion of the project.