Ross Amstey

Teaching Philosophy and practical applications:

IDEAS: It’s not like we have an option any longer. The State has mandated very specific new standards and a comprehensive new set of guidelines for a new method of teacher/administrator evaluation. As daunting as any change may seem at the beginning, it is also clear to me that focusing on the quantitative, measurable, observable characteristic of good teaching will force teachers to more actively participate in their students’ successes and know exactly how to reach a larger portion of their classes.

VALUES:  I’ve  always valued cooperative, collegial connections with other teachers. Too often we work in isolation and only find time to shoehorn in some conversations at meetings. As our classrooms become more open, and we ask our coworkers to look for SPECIFIC teaching strategies and outcomes (as related to the Common Core and APPR) we can more easily coordinate curriculum, make our assessments and instruction a bit more common. I value my colleagues’ opinions a great deal.

EMOTIONAL ENERGY: I’ve been pretty committed to work with and learn from other teachers. I have been a collegial coach, a peer coach, a student teacher host, a presenter, a participant, etc… I’m dedicated to helping myself and other teachers become better at what we do.

EDGE: I’m a pretty assertive person. I’m not frightened by or dismissive of positions contrary to my own. I’m comfortable discussing professional matters and opinions with my colleagues. I think I’ve been around long enough that some teachers will value my experience and insight.

For more information on my work in the Fellows Program, see my report Asynchronous Online Collaboration in AP Language/Composition and AP US Government/Politics.