Rebecca Horwitz


Teaching Philosophy

My primary mission as an educator is to promote the intellectual and psychosocial development of my students, who, in turn, will become resources to their communities. Promoting student development is best accomplished by a teacher who takes each student seriously, has the experience to know how to work with various types of learners and employs a wide range of teaching techniques. I dedicate myself to my students’ quest for knowledge, advancing their understanding of psychology, widening their skill set, and helping them to apply learning to practice. This pursuit extends beyond the borders of the classroom or the constraints of an online course. I strive to prepare my students through an interactive teaching approach, tutoring, academic advising, and mentoring.

I expect that students enter a course to be intellectually stimulated and to actively engage in the learning process. I am aware that all students do not enter a course with the same level of readiness or plan to study psychology in the future. By providing my students with well-designed syllabi and clear expectations of course objectives, I strive to provide a learning environment that allows for student success. I make every attempt to identify individual students’ strengths and growth edges. My job is to motivate students, such that they want to increase their knowledge and understanding of the field of psychology. The methods I employ involve classroom lecture, small and large group discussion, interactive projects such as service learning, film, online resources, and assignments well matched to course material.

For information on my work in the Fellows Program, please see my action research report Using Technology to Increase Interpersonal Skills.