October 2013 Landing Page

October is Connected Educator Month!

Connected Educator Month (CEM), sponsored by the US Department of Education, is full of web-based networking and learning opportunities for educators at every level. CEM provides a great way to experience technology as a learner, and explore how other educators use technology for themselves and their students. The month begins with six participatory, thought-provoking panels on key CEM 2013 themes: Connected Leadership, From Connection to Collaboration, Innovating STEM & Literacy, Making it Count: Integrating Informal and Formal PD, Personalized Learning, and 21st Century Classroom Management. See the CEM Getting Started page, which includes links to a CEM Starter Kit, Help Desk, District/LEA Toolkit, and more.

SUNY, the public university system in New York, is planning to launch Open SUNY in January 2014. Open SUNY is a set of new and expanded initiatives focused on driving high quality, online-enabled learning across SUNY to support campuses and faculty in increasing access, completion, and success for their students. For more information see Creating Open SUNY.