November 2013 Landing Page


This month, CCTE is especially grateful for inspiration and “aha moments.”  Here are some moments CCTE Fellows shared when asked “What has been your most significant learning or “aha moment” so far this semester as a result of your work in the Fellows Program?” 
“…learning technology tools that helped me communicate with students qualitatively…”
“…the recognition that I would likely have a richer experience if I included students (actively) along the way.  With reflection, I modified my original plan and have been pleased with the process to date.”
“…the experience has been a catalyst to draw together many things I’ve been working on over the years and bring them to the next level…”
“…what to do when the hoped-for outcome doesn’t materialize…”
“…I always had my research question in mind while thinking about learning objectives…the new perspective has strengthened my teaching without even collecting or analyzing data yet…”
“…I realized that the practice of action research will continue to be refined and evolve long after the Fellows Program is over.”
As for inspiration, we are pleased to share with you Dr. Freeman Hrabowski’s presentation on the four pillars of college success in science.   See also STEM:Preparing Our Nation’s Future Innovators, a full recording of Hrabowski’s recent talk at Monroe Community College.