Matt Greene



Teaching Philosophy

As a scientist I believe that learning occurs best when we are actively involved in experimentation and group discussions. Learning is not a static activity, students learn best in a dynamic environment, allowing for multi experiences to build their understandings upon. Critical thinking skills, and effective communication of ideas are the two skills I want to foster in my students. I believe that collaborative learning is the most effective way to gain these skills.

Social interactions play an important role in education, especially at the high school level. I believe that when students are given the opportunity to work collaboratively they will develop deeper understandings than working alone. All students will need to work in a group setting at some point in either their career or in college. I feel that it is my responsibility to help my students develop the skills needed to collaborate and communicate effectively with their peers. I do not expect all of my students to become scientists, but I would like all of them to be able to think like a scientist, and communicate their ideas.

For additional information on my work in the Fellows Program, please see my action research report Socratic Seminars and Collaborative Learning in Regents Physics.