Kristin Picardo



My teaching philosophy is to create a learner-centered classroom that employs inquiry-based methods of teaching and learning. Pedagogical research in science education suggests that learning can be improved through relying less on content and more on the process of learning science (Shibley et al. 2008). Science as a process is about formulating questions, testing them, and using the results to formulate more questions. This process mirrors Bloom’s Taxonomy in that as the students learn something new, they are able to build upon their understanding through deeper questioning and study (Anderson and Krathwohl 2001). I often enhance the learning of science in my classroom by incorporating activities that bring science to life for the students. These activities satisfy the course goals in ways that allow students to use their content knowledge to understand and inquire more deeply about a new scientific topic. I use popular articles, inquiry-based laboratory experiences, popular media, and independent research with students to realize my philosophy of teaching.

For additional information on my work in the Fellows Program, please see my report on Collaborative Learning Outside the Classroom:  Peer-Led Study Groups for General Biology.