Kirstin Pryor

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Kirstin is a Senior Associate at the nonprofit public policy research organization CGR, and serves on the Facilitation Committee as the external evaluator. With a background in urban education, professional development and school reform initiatives, Kirstin is adept at helping schools and collaborative groups build capacity to use data for decision-making. Her focus is on using qualitative and quantitative methods to assess needs, implementation and outcomes in order to position leaders in human services and education to allocate resources and manage people effectively. She has evaluated district-university partnerships aimed at college readiness, and provided strategic guidance to multiple districts on implementation, curriculum and resource allocation decisions

Prior to joining CGR four years ago, she taught middle school and worked as a literacy coach in Baltimore City public schools, where she became passionate about building structures to encourage teacher reflection and improved practice. She believes that focusing on student engagement gives great insight into teacher practice, and that teachers need and deserve more robust, collaborative places to question and strengthen their craft. This project’s ability to cross the traditional gap between K-12 and post-secondary can potentially create such a space.

As a parent to two children in the Rochester City School District, which is one of the project’s partners, Kirstin has a personal stake in improving outcomes for students locally.

Kirstin is a graduate of RCSD, and holds a B.S. from Georgetown University and a M.S. in Education from the University of Rochester.