Jillian Adams







Since high school, I had the strong desire to become a math teacher because I love the challenge of taking a concept that is as deeply connected and intricate as math, and explaining it to my students. I find it to be an awesome opportunity to make this subject area come alive to them without frustration, but rather with interest and ease. When I’m able to teach a student a new concept and bring them understanding it’s a great feeling for me. Students who do not understand right away and need extra help challenge me to find a different way to make mathematical topics clearer to them. Math is needed in so many areas of employment, especially with the ever-increasing technology in our culture, and I want to translate my love for math to my students. This will allow their options for the future to be broadened, instead of narrowed by a lack of math knowledge.

I am willing to put in whatever time and effort is necessary to make sure my students understand the material. I treat my students as individuals and enjoy getting to know them, because students tend to learn better from teachers they have a connection with. It is my personal goal to see that my students have been given the full value of their education. My background and experience with teaching mathematics have led me to believe that it is my calling in life and truly what I love to do. I’m excited and privileged to have the opportunity to pass on the knowledge that was once given to me, to many others.

For more information on my work in the Fellows Program please see my paper on Collaborative Learning in High School Math Explorations.