Elizabeth Johnston






Elizabeth Johnston has been teaching English composition and literature at the college level since 1997 and at MCC since 2003.  Although she received her PhD in Eighteenth-Century literature, with a primary focus on gender studies, she has done most of her publication work in popular culture.  She recently has turned her focus to composition, assuming the role of English 101 Coordinator in the MCC English and Philosophy Dept. in 2011. As Coordinator, she has been actively striving to increase the rigor of English 101, as well as improve the sense of consistency and community between sections of the course.  She describes her classes as  dynamic discussion-based courses with flexibility built into both the schedule and assignments to accommodate the diverse student population instructors enjoy at MCC.  Her writing courses are focused to encourage critical reading and thinking, and she insists on the importance of helping students to understand the real-world benefits of being effective writers and communicators.

For information on my work in the Fellows Program, please see the report I co-authored on Common Assignments and Evaluation Tools in College Composition and 11th Grade English.