Anna Haines












My educational philosophy has evolved in the fourteen years I have been teaching. Initially, I was concerned mostly with preparing kids for standardized tests.  However, I soon realized that yes, testing is important on some level, but sharing my love of literature and helping my students become the best they can be as people is far more important.

Over the years I have gradually integrated the study of culture into my teaching, my definition of “culture” has expanded.  Currently, culture, as defined by my teaching philosophy, is a group of people gathered together with some commonality.   My particular focus of late has included classroom culture, school culture, world cultures, and cultures specific to the literature we are reading at any given time.  I have found this to be beneficial for my “non-readers”.  On some level they are able to connect to the lesson and learn about the situations that other people are in.  Overall, this has helped most students become more empathetic and has expanded their worldviews.

For additional information on my work in the Fellows Program, please see my report on Problem-Based Learning and Cross-Sector Connections in 12th Grade AP Literature and Composition.