About Us

The Community Center for Teaching Excellence (CCTE) is unique in Western New York because we:

  • Draw from the best in our region, building research-based programs that work to support teaching excellence and improve student learning.                               We are guided by a regional, collaborative professional learning community of educational leaders committed to student success across K-20.
  • Create collegial, job-embedded professional learning communities for educators across sectors.                                                                                               Cross-sector participation allows vertical teams to develop, learn together, and work collaboratively to enhance student achievement and success.  Each Fellows group is shaped by the interests, passions, expertise, and inquiries of participants, allowing for a wide-range of possible innovative outcomes.
  • Support teachers to be reflective practitioners and action researchers who integrate research-based knowledge with their own teaching passion and classroom practice.                                                                                     Fellows create knowledge and enhance their teaching by designing and implementing action research. Through this process they look carefully at the impact of their teaching on student learning, motivation, and achievement.
  • Seek to extend support for teaching excellence by building an interactive, regional online knowledge base with and for educators.                                                                           Web-enhanced learning is used to optimize creativity and collaboration for educators eager to apply 21st century tools to their own professional learning and their work with students.