The Future of Learning

Thought leaders concerned about the future of learning have developed some exciting new tools and resources. Here are a few of our favorites:

Learning in 2025 presents short vignettes of students and “learning agents” of 2025.  Ever think about being a Community Intelligence Cartographer?  Or a Learning Fitness Instructor?  Check out this great site by KnowledgeWorks for audio, video, and enhanced pdf resources.

KnowledgeWorks Forecast 3.0 on Recombinant Education and their new infographic, a Glimpse into the Future of Learning, provide lots of food for thought and great visuals.

Teaching 2030 by Barnett Berry and a team of 12 accomplished teachers offers a transformative vision for the future of learning and teaching.  It’s also full of practical ideas to begin working on the future now.  Put it on your fall reading list!  For a short overview of the book, see the video here.

The Center for Teaching Quality is a national nonprofit  focused on connecting the bold ideas and expert practices of teachers in the CQT Collaboratory.  Join the Collaboratory to connect with others working to transform education.

The Future of CCTE

The work of the Facilitation PLC and CCTE Fellows from 2011-2014 has been funded by the U.S. Department of Education.  See our latest  program reports to review CCTE’s work to date.  We are now in a transition phase, working with local districts and colleges to continue our networks and cross-sector professional learning communities in Greater Rochester.  We will provide updates as they become available.  Meanwhile, check out new blog posts on teaching and learning in biology, statistics, earth science, U.S. history, and education.  Peruse the 2013-14 action research reports to see what CCTE Fellows discovered when they systematically tried and assessed new teaching practices in their high school and college classrooms.  The video below features some of our 2013-14 members and facilitators sharing their impressions of the Fellows Program.



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