Pratima Kumar

I am currently a high school math teacher and teach Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus. Teaching math involves drawing connections between what students already know and where we want to lead them – whether in the real world or for higher education. The key to success lies in understanding math concepts and being able to apply them.

As a teacher I assess my student’s strengths and weaknesses and build my lessons to promote their understanding of the subject matter. I understand that each child is different and may have different needs.  I use more than one method of teaching and make myself available for individual assistance as and when needed.

Since I believe that it is important for me to have a good understanding of the course content, I use several resources to prepare my lessons and find opportunities to learn through workshops and professional development opportunities. I am always looking for ways to collaborate with fellow teachers and use vertical and horizontal teaming within my department.

I have high expectations of my students and believe that every student is capable of learning math.  Some might need more time than others, others might have to work harder, but they all can excel with proper guidance and effort.  For more information about my work in the Fellows Program please see my report on Inquiry-Based Learning, Collaborative Learning and Homework Videos in AP Calculus.