Chromebook or iPad?

by Joseph Cicero, 2012 CCTE Fellow, Integrated Arts and Technology High School, Rochester NY

I recently had the opportunity to go to Hofsta University to present on 1:1 Google Chromebooks at the New York Google Summit 2013.  A fellow teacher and I presented at NYSCATE in 2012 on 1:1 iPads. So why the sudden switch from Apple to Google? The short answer is that creation is more important than consumption.

The definition of 21st century learning technology is under a constant state of revision. When I first started working in a 1:1 environment, the devices were used as a way to consume content in a fashion more exciting than the textbooks they replaced. Although devices like tablets were great for consumption, there was a desire to focus more on creation using the devices. iPads were great for consumption and users could even produce products on them, but when it came time to submit to the teacher… there was no easy solution.

Google Drive (formally google docs) allowed for sharing, collaboration, and creation of high quality real world products. The Chromebook device’s main purpose is to integrate with Google Drive, plus the price is lower than the cost of an iPad. Chromebooks allow for more management and with Google Apps for Education, the quest for a paperless classroom can be achieved with little effort.

Link to presentation on 1:1 Chromebooks:

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