Inquiry-Based Learning, Collaborative Learning and Homework Videos in AP Calculus

Pratima Kumar,  RCSD Math Teacher, SOTA

I joined the Faculty Fellows Program at MCC last fall with hopes of improving instruction in my classroom and promoting better content understanding in my students.  This program gave me an opportunity to go through some literature related to action research, learn from other educators in the program, observe other HS and College classrooms and receive valuable feedback and ideas from colleagues and facilitators throughout the program.

The inquiry question for my action research were a follows: “How does collaborative learning and inquiry based learning impact understanding and application of higher level math concepts in an AP Calculus Classroom?  How does the use of technology for video solution provide my students with Homework help?”

Based on my students test scores, answers to survey questions and my log book entries I found that collaborative learning gives students a chance to explain, critique and discuss with one another,  and leads to better understanding if they are involved. Though I did not find inquiry-based learning of be benefit to my group of students, I feel that it is a learning style that the kids should be exposed at an early age to be effective. I created video solutions to homework problems for my students as part of my action research and found this to be well appreciated and approved by all.

The CCTE program gave me an opportunity to try something new in my classroom for the first time, analyze its outcome and modify my action research along the way. I plan to continue with some of these practices, conduct my own action research, and try new things in the future.  For additional information, please see my report on Inquiry Based Learning, Collaborative Learning and Homework Videos in AP Calculus.

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