Planning Action Research & Writing Inquiry Briefs

Planning action research was the focal point of Fellows session 5, where Fellows spent most of the time discussing their action research ideas and getting input from visiting resource experts.  Kirstin Pryor from the Center for Governmental Research (CGR) and Dr. Karen Sangmeister from the Rochester City School District (RCSD) attended the Wednesday and Saturday Fellows sessions respectively, and shared their action research expertise.  Developing, massaging, and refining ideas for action research was exciting for some, and a bit frustrating for others.  Many folks started with broad, general, and/or multi-faceted ideas, and through the process of discussion, began to consider ways to narrow their focus and construct an inquiry brief.

Inquiry briefs are intended to provide an overview of the action research plan.  For CCTE,  inquiry briefs  include:

Inquiry question & sub-questions

Overview of the intended instructional change, reflections on classroom practice, and  brief discussion of related research on the topic

Methodology for data collection and analysis

Work plan with tasks, time frame, and for collaborative projects, roles & responsibilities

Fellows developed draft briefs which were reviewed by the CCTE staff, and returned with comments for further consideration.  A small group of Fellows met at a voluntary drop-in session in June to discuss briefs and further develop ideas for their action research.  Moving into summer, CCTE is available to assist with planning in preparation for fall 2012 action research projects.