Creating Connections & Action Research Ideas

The rhythm of the Fellows Program started with some intensity–three meetings in March with classroom visits between the 2nd and 3rd meetings!  Our 4th and 5th meetings occurred in April and May respectively.  By meeting frequently at the beginning and visiting each other’s classrooms early on,  Fellows were able to make connections with one another quickly, and to begin discovering the range of expertise and interests among their colleagues in each group.

In addition to connections between group members, Fellows were journaling regularly about specific topical articles and web resources related to core concepts and instructional strategies.  Discussions at each Fellows meeting were based in part on their questions and reflections on the readings provided.  At each session, we worked to draw out the connections between classroom experience, research-based pedagogies, and diverse views of group members.  By our 5th session (in May), Fellows were working on preliminary ideas for their action research (to be implemented in fall 2012).