Classroom Visits

When we envisioned the Fellows Program, the idea of teachers visiting one another’s classrooms across the high school-college divide seemed like a good one.  In fact, it turned out to be a great one!

Despite initial challenges with scheduling classroom visits, everyone enjoyed and learned from actually seeing colleagues’ classroom environments, students, and school facilities.  Small visit groups included representation from each partner district/institution, and each Fellow had the opportunity to visit the classrooms of two colleagues from a different district/institution.  The visits enabled the Fellows to become better acquainted with each other, with the educational environments in which we operate, and with common issues across K-20.

In their evaluation of the visit experience, Fellows wrote typical comments/responses like:

“opened my eyes to the similarities and differences among us”

“radical difference between the culture of high school and college”

“an excellent hands-on experience to get faculty across K-20 lines to really see how classroom environments function and differ”

“so good to be able to watch a practitioner from another district and have a conversation about it.” 

All of us are eager to find ways to extend the learning from classroom visits, and create more opportunities for this type of collegial exchange.